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Evergreen Park returned to the community

Thursday, October 11, 20121843 views

Evergreen Park opened to the public on, Sept. 17 with yellow-flagged fanfare and much enthusiasm. It is the final piece of the Millcreek Community Center project and the last area to open.

 The park has been upgraded with a new pavilion overlooking the playground, modern restrooms, updated fencing near the canal and a bike and walking path around the outer edge of the park. There is also newer, safer playground equipment that is accessible to children of all ages and ability levels.

 Many patrons are relieved that the historic pumpkin, part of the park for nearly 50 years, is back in place and ready for new generations of children. It has been remodeled and made safer, while still retaining its unique Cinderella-carriage charm.

 A recent visit to the park found neighbors happily enjoying it again, and grateful to have it back. Some played Frisbee in the grass.  Others pushed youngsters on the swings or watched them climb the castle-themed play structure.  One busily set up for a family party in the new pavilion. Most were pleased with the new playground, though a few expressed nostalgia for the old equipment. Any quotes??

 The park had been used as a staging area for construction equipment during the work on the adjacent Millcreek Community Center. It was closed to the public for the summer to allow the new grass and vegetation time to take root. It is, once again a gathering place for the community.

 Evergreen Park is located at 2266 East Evergreen Avenue (3435 South),

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